Contemporary Art has been Universal

13 01 2010

Art is both a part of design, and encompassing of design. Art is without boundaries between countries and people. Art is creative and productive.

Art is a concrete recreation of the world we live in, the universe. A particular piece of art is essentially the artist view of the universe and it reflects the artisits inner unspoken view of the world the artist lives in. Art is validated largely on the basis of how well it can integrate with or enhance these “more important” curriculum areas. Art is also described as a way of showing emotions. Some people express their emotions by drawing.

Art is part of this ancestral inheritance, intimately connected to the land. Art is no panacea but it certainly helps people. Art is so often open to the interpretation of the viewer.

Art is a method of representing man’s interpretation of his environment and communicating that interpretation to others. As such, all art has to be intelligible. Art is something that we all enjoy seeing and to some extent doing. While you may not be a master painter like Rembrandt, Michelangelo or even Picasso you can still admire art when you see it.

Art is taking action to evoke emotion about something and disseminate a message through multiple mediums. I think its great that climate art is taking off. Art is for everyone, and the creation of artwork makes people happy. Many people have told me over the years that they don’t have any artistic talent. Art is dead, and getting deader. All I see in Wright’s work is a bewildering flash of gold leaf.

Contemporary art has been universal; it is recognized as a tool for interpersonal communication and has had far reaching effects. The increased popularity of art exhibitions and on-line art galleries, along with unprecedented sales of diverse art forms using new material such as acrylics, signifies the importance contemporary art has been receiving. Contemporary art is almost exclusively allocated for marketing purposes today, copied, duplicated, and flashed from every surface not taken up by other things. Contemporary art just means “art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes”. That means way to keep up with the times!

Museums, galleries and industrial spaces reflect the predominant ideology: As white cubes they are “neutral” spaces that express the coexistence of antagonism, freedom of speech and “difference” in opinion. Thus, in the past years, we have seen an important proliferation of spaces dedicated to the staging of democracy, reflection and dialogue and to facilitating meetings between the public, artists and academics.



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